Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine Rolo Pencil Pattern

The Rolo Pencils that I made a few years ago have, by far, been the most visited post on this blog.
Often I get emails asking questions about how to make them.  (Not sure why as I have a tutorial HERE.)
Any whoo, I decided to put together a pattern for all of you who just want it DONE.
The pattern can be found HERE at my new ETSY store.
I'm also offering customizable patterns.  Let me know what you want, I'll create it for you!!!
If you'd like the blank pattern, CLICK HERE!
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my lastest venture!
Again, my ETSY store is
If you want to see the original post & directions
Will share this at some of the fun blogs found in my side bar.


  1. Super, super cute idea! Good luck with your new etsy store!

  2. Love the little pencils! This would be perfect for my art classes... except for the chocolate part. :)


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