Monday, June 6, 2011

40th Birthday Golf Party Decorations

My m-i-l gave me notebooks full of 8x10 photos of my husband growing up.
They were the best decorations ever for his 40th birthday!
Again, my friend and super helper, Grace, attached them to black construction paper using repositionable adhesive (wanted to be sure they would easily come off the construction paper.)  Then I made them into a banner by simply stapling the construction paper to black satin ribbon.  We used almost 100 photos and I still had lots left over...just not a place for all of them!!!

On the stairs, down the wall....

Off the mantle, across windows.....

Also, I scanned many of the photos into the computer and made collages of pictures per decades (except for the 20-30 era...momma wasn't there taking pictures and neither was I!)
I had the framers cut four 5x7 opening in this matte...guests, using silver ink pens, signed it with special birthday wishes.  I'll have it framed and he can hang it in his office.

The dining room table held framed photos of husband playing golf as a child and as an adult.  Also incorporated some other photos I found and added to a black foam board set up on an easel.

This was a great place for people to sign the matte  and leave birthday cards & gifts.

Here is one of the flags I made...they are actually secured in black buckets full of golf balls.  I used one on the dining table, dessert table and outside on the snack table.

Used lots of white ball candles to mimic the golf theme...

and the tees were personalized.

Had wanted to make pomanders out of live carnations, but they weren't working out for me so luckily I have an incredible neighbor that ran out and bought a second set of paper lanterns for me to use on top of these candlesticks, instead.  Used LED tealights inside of them.  (For some reason I didn't get any good pics of the outside...also had paper lanterns with LED tea lights hanging over the snack table.)

Finally, as people were leaving, there were ice cold bottles of water and Zip Fizz waiting for them to sip on the way home...this helps with the morning after feeling!
Added vinyl lettering on one that said, "Please Take One," and on the other "Thanks For Coming."

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  1. Greet your birthday guests with everything that celebrates "40". Have a 40th birthday banner to sign in the entry way. Hang 40th birthday swirls or cascades from the ceiling and decorate the walls with 40th birthday banners, balloons and photos of the "birthday boy/girl"(current photos or from his/her growing-up years). For an extra touch, add a disco ball or two. Spread a table with 40th birthday plates, cups, and napkins and a large photo of the 40th birthday honoree as a centerpiece.You can get more ideas from here: Birthday Party Decorations UK


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