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Galations 5:22

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Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Par-Tee Time

In a few weeks, we'll celebrate my honey's 40th Bday.
(He likes golf...)

I worked for hours on these invites...70 in all.
But even Jami-the-great can make a mistake...can you see it?)

I forgot the date...looks like we play golf everyday and we serve dinner and drinks every evening at 7:00.

Thankfully, it was easily corrected with a sticker on the envelopes.

(If you're a friend and feel slighted that you did not get an invite,
please don' was probably an oversight...I didn't even get the DATE on the invitation!!)

PS...though the tees look super cute as a closure for the invitation, we found out that the U.S. Postal Service finds them a nusance and charged us...wait for it...
$1.71 to mail them!!!
So, if you want to make these for yourself, I would suggest (including the date,) securing the grass wrap around with the golf ball cut out....still very cute.
The invites are probably pretty self explanatory, but if you'd like more details on how-to do it, let me know!
Happy Par-teeing!!!

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Unknown said...

VERY cute invitation, I can see how much thought you put into them. I bet it was a SHOCK to mail them, lol. But I love they way they came out and I can see doing that sometime in the future. Nice!!

Emily S said...

SO CUTE! Too bad about the post office thing. I've run into that a few times and it's such a pain. Great job though!

Deviantly Domesticated Team

Entertaining Women said...

Darling! It might have cost less in gasoline money to hand deliver them...LOL. The post office is always changing their rules. It becomes impossible to be prepared for them. The table with the banner of photos is used some of my favorite pictures of him! Your incredible creative mind was firing on all cylinders...Great job! ILY Cherry Kay (the MIL)


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