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Galations 5:22

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pretty Packages Party #5 - Highlights

Thanks to everyone for sharing and stopping by this month's Pretty Packages Party!
  You guys are so creative and talented!!! 
My apologies for the delay in posting the highlights (or even getting the party up this month...stay tuned to see what I was working on!)

Here are some of my favorites from this party...its so hard to pick just a few!

Handstamped tags at Belly Feathers - Betsy included a ton of beautifully wrapped packages and handstamped tags in her Pretty Packages entry...go spend some time checking out all of her other lovelies over at Belly Feathers!

Valentine Boxes at Buckets of Valentine Ideas - Don't miss Mrs. Bucket's Valentine's only blog (she also has other holiday specific blogs!)

Mini Greenhouse at Sandy's Space - Isn't this a terrific gift idea for your gardener friends?  I like to share my wisteria seedlings with friends and this would definitely dress up those repurposed plastic plant pots!!

Glitter to Gumdrops Gardener's Basket - Christy not only gives you and adorable idea for a gift basket, but she share links for the creative items included...chalkboard spoon plant markers and zucchini bread.  You can also spend sometime looking through her amazing blog and find some of the cute aprons she's been making!

Issa's Thanksgiving Gift Boxes - Issa not only shared these sweet little boxes, but she also shared them with free printables.  You can also use her pattern to create your own boxes out of your favorite craft paper! 

The Autocrat - Just go to Haley's's cute and adorable.  She submitted both of these and they are just so cute (like everything else over at The Autocrat!)  For the CANS or for the FAVORS....also, don't miss her clever idea for wrapping a mixer!

Valentine Love Birds at Elements Interiors - Kara created this beautiful valentine for her sweet husband.  You can steal some of these elements to dress up a valentine for your loved one!

Recycled Bag for Sweetheart Gift at House of Revivals - Amanda made this sweet gift out of things (not just craft things, but those things you and I don't think about to wrap a gift,) she had around the favorite was that she used an old dress pattern for the tissue!

Thanks again to all of the entries.
   Let's do it again February 6th thru February 12th!



The Autocrat: Haley said...

Aww thanks so much for the feature!! :)

Belly Feathers said...

Thanks so much for featuring me, Jami! I'm looking forward to the party in February!

Sandy Ang said...

Thank you Jami for featuring my tiny greenhouse! Can't wait for Feb

Issa Sarza-Quintos said...

Thank you Jami for the beautiful feature! :)

Christy said...

Thanks so much for the feature! I love all the ideas, and I look forward to your party every month (and all the post in between). :O)

Anonymous said...

I love that name for your dog!! You should put a picture of him on your about me page :) Although, Pancake is my only baby :)


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