Galations 5:22

But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Galations 5:22

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Brunch for Friends

This week I hosted a Valentine's brunch for a few of my dear friends.
It was such fun setting the table and preparing the food to honor these wonderful ladies.
I'm so lucky that they could take some time out of their busy days to stop by for a few hours of food and fellowship.
Mini iron urns from a Southern Living At Home party YEARS ago filled with mini carnations were placed around the birdcage.  
My bird cage (will have a post on this soon,) took center stage...yes, we did lean around it on occasion...probably should have set it to the back of the table...but it's so cool! 
 The iron birdcage was wrapped with a paper heart bunting.
My mil gave me the pink matelasse tablecloth just for driving down to Horchow to pick up a couple of them for her!  Is that a deal or what?!? 
The Waterford Simply Pink wine hocks look spectacular on this cloth.
Inexpensive champagne flutes for the mimosas were also part of the setting.
 Spode Billingsley Rose has such darling little details.
Several plates of various patterns were layered on vintage linen pull work place mats.
A Spode Savoy dinner plate was used as a charger for a Spode Billingsley Rose luncheon plate.  Next was a Johnson Brothers Richmond salad plate topped with a Spode Billingsley Rose berry bowl.
The silverware was Gorham Chantilly.

Personalized cookies were used as place cards as well as party favors.

Isn't this gorgeous?  My mil passed it along to us.  It was a wedding gift to my husband's parents from my fil's grandmother.  I'm not sure of the maker, but maybe my mil will fill in the details on the comments.  I feel so privleged to be the steward of this piece of the family history.The beautiful silver tray was a wedding gift from my cousin.

My birdcage again...the botton was filled with multi-sized pillar candles, unscented of course!  We considered lighting the candles, then we thought better of it as the bunting could pose a fire hazard...then there was talk about nice looking firemen....we quickly came back to our senses and left it as is!  

The prettiest part of the whole table were the lovely friends that sat around it.
I'm so fortunate to have friends that are real, with character and integrity.  Friends that are kind and that are trustworthy.  No hidden agendas.  No putting on shows or tooting their own horns.  They're such a wonderful bunch of ladies, full of amazing talents and many accomplishments!  (Trust me, these ladies have plenty to brag about, but would never stoop to such hideous behavior!)  People with those qualities can be hard to find...I'm sure you have a story or two YOU could tell!
They also indulge me in my tablescaping needs!
Thank you friends!

And finally, after washing the dishes and resetting the table for more pictures, I lit the candles for one final photo.  Lovely.

Hope you have had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


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Stephanie from said...

so beautiful - what lucky friends!

The Partiologist said...

What a beautiful party!!

Entertaining Women said...

How ever did I miss this a month ago? Must have been momentarily comatose. I'm smiling a great big grin...this is so beautiful! Now I can show it to all my friends and tell them how talented a daughter-in-love I have! I don't think that I ever knew who made the tea service. I did see it on display at the Old Millhouse Antiques Shoppe in Connecticut several years ago. It is an antique, and I believe that it is English, but I've never conducted a search on the marks. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. ILY Cherry Kay


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