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Galations 5:22

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Giving Gleefully - Emma's Story

Hi Dear Friends! 
 This week I received an email from a follower asking for some support for her daughter Emma and for the United Way.  Below you'll find her video, the letter from Emma's mom, Reagan, and the link to the contest.  Please follow the link and vote for Emma's video if you are moved to do so.  Sharing this information on your blog would also be a lovely act of kindness.

Our Family was blessed to have the support and care from the Central Indiana United Way that TRULY made a difference in Emma's life.

Joshua & I were honored when my employer, the Gene B. Glick Company asked if we would participate in a promotional video for the United Way to tell Emma's Story. Emma is positive that she is now famous, go figure, and I was hoping that you would PLEASE make it true. You can vote one time per person daily, and the rules for voting, etc. are listed below.

I ask that you please send this e-mail to EVERYONE that you know, post it on your facebook, twitter account, etc. our family has been so lucky to have the help that we did from the United Way, and through this contest we could ensure that the United Way of Central Indiana continues to get the funding necessary to change the lives of families like ours.

(When you go to the link, Emma's video is the one that has a photo of a BEAUTIFUL little girl in a princess dress & crown)

Voting and Comments:

The site will allow 1 vote per person per day.

Votes for videos will be cleared at the end of each month (August, September, October and November).

The top vote-getter for each month will be awarded a prize (see below) and become eligible for grand prize voting.

Grand prize voting will take place December 1-11, 2011.

Users must create an account consisting of their name and email address to add comments.


Donations may be given online to United Way of Central Indiana in honor of specific video submissions.

Donations are processed by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to donate using a credit card.

The top donation-getter each month and for the entire competition will be awarded a prize (see below).

Donations will be ongoing for the duration of the competition and tracking will not be reset each month.

For purposes of the competition, only donations received by December 12, 2011 will count toward determining the overall top video. United Way will continue to accept online donations any time of year, even after the competition has ended.

Thank you so very much,


1 comment:

Donene said...

I will vote for her! Thanks for sharing and she is so cute!


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