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Galations 5:22

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Friday, August 19, 2011

My Top Ten Teacher Gifts

As the school year gets ready to begin, my thoughts start turning to the teachers that will spending a large part of their days with our children.
Being a former teacher and a room mom,  I thought I'd share with you my top teacher gift ideas.
1. Visa Gift Cards – individually or as a whole classroom contribution are ALWAYS a hit.  They can be used anywhere for anything anywhere!  Gas, groceries, spa day, maid service, ANYTHING!!!  There are lots of cute ideas out there for dressing up a gift card.
2. School Supplies – extra supplies for the students or “nice” supplies for her; think cute file folders, notebooks; nice pens, nice scissors, etc.  Pick up extras before school starts when the prices are CHEAP!

3. Books – order extra books when filling out the book orders each month. For every book you buy the teacher earns points that she can use towards extra books for the classroom.  Make book plates to put inside each book your family donates.  For a free book plate printable, CLICK HERE.

4. Items for Rewards – dollar store toys, kids meal toys, cool pencils, stickers, etc.  Collect items from party favor bags and kids meals.
5. Lunch – bring or make her (or the entire grade level) lunch. To plan ahead of time, make a menu for her to fill out and return to you so you know you’re getting her exactly what she wants!  This is nice anytime of the year, but a special treat for her birthday (or half-birthday.)  For a free Get To Know You printable, CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE.
6. Dinner – when you pick up your kiddo from school, drop off a frozen entree (that you made earlier that week, month) with as many of the fixings as possible. i.e. manicotti, garlic bread, salad, pound cake and fresh berries for dessert.  Be sure everything is disposable so she doesn't have to worry about returning dishes!  This is especially nice for the teacher with a family at home.  What a treat to not have to wonder about what's for dinner! CLICK HERE FOR BLANK MENU.

the blackberry vine
7. Homemade items - Cookies, snacks, pies, cakes, anything yummy!  This is especially nice for the teacher with children.  Bringing home a sweet treat for after dinner or for breakfast is always a hit.  CLICK HERE FOR CINNAMON ROLL PRINTABLE; FOR CINNAMON ROLL RECIPE.

8. Coffee/Tea/Soft Drinks – Drop off her favorite drink during the school day.  A fancy caffeine pick-me-up is always a nice treat, especially for those on a budget (aren't we all!?!?)  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR OWN TEACHER INFO SHEET

9. Your Time – volunteer to do what ever you can to make her day easier. Teachers of the younger grades may have many items to cut out/prepare for each weeks’ lesson.

10. Your Prayers – for her, her family, her principal, her class, etc As you develop a relationship with the teacher, you may want to send her a note letting her know that you pray for her every day. Asking if there is anything specific that you can pray for her is always appreciated? Let her know no request is too small.  For a First Day of School Prayer, CLICK HERE.

Don’t forget the others that help to make your child’s year a wonderful one. The school secretary is a big one…especially the one who takes most of the calls and helps most of the parents. Be REAL nice to her…she deserves it!


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Unknown said...

Great post with great ideas. I tried to click the teacher info sheet and it didn't work. Can you please send it to me?? Thank you!!

~Beth D. said...

LOVE the idea of a dinner! will have to do that later this year. Very sweet ideas! Thanks for posting!

Kimberly T. said...

I'm so glad I read this post. Those are all great ideas! I really like the post-its, very cute.

Mindy Swenson Kinnier said...

I LOVE all your ideas. As a teacher, I would love to get any of those gifts. Thanks for sharing!

Arnel Sweizz said...

Adorable gift. I am sure your son was thrilled to give them to his teachers.

arnel of Gift Basket


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