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Galations 5:22

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week Hospitality Events - Day One - Breakfast

Over the next couple of days, I'll share our PTA Hospitality Events
 that we hosted for Teacher Appreciation Week. 
To start things off, I made a little invite to put in all of the teachers' boxes.  Their days are so busy that it's nice for them to have a little reminder of the weeks activities.
Our week started off with a
"Do-Nut" Think We Forgot About Teacher Appreciation Week Breakfast.
We had donuts, fruit and breakfast tacos.
Our theme for the week was a vintage school house theme. 
One friend loaned me her antique desk.  Another friend had the cute school days cross-stitch in a ruler frame.  I borrowed the McGuffey readers from my mom.  Several moms donated the fresh sunflowers.  Fresh flowers are just that extra touch that mean this is something special.
The tables for the teachers were set up with white tablecloths, covered with a gingham topper.
The little sunflower plants were wrapped with burlap and tied with ribbon.  They became give-a-ways at the end of the week.  Hydrangea blooms were placed in mason jars tied with jute.
The banner above the beverage table says "Carroll is Best in Class!"
We had a selection of Kcups for the teachers in the 3-tiered basket.  Juice, water and soft drinks were also served.
We had a variety of donuts as well as a variety of breakfast tacos.
Table tents with the various taco flavors were placed in front of the chafing pan.
Mason jars tied with ribbons and placed in a wire basket held daisies.
We also had a ticket table for the teachers to sign up for a week of give-a-ways.
The little blackboard is held by my husband's grandmothers little student desk.
You can see some of the Kcup give-a-ways behind it.
My grandmother's old typewriter held a page detailing the instructions for the raffle.
(I printed the page on my computer with typewriter font.)
The wire trellis hold math flash cards from around 1905.
Cute little clothes pins were a cute and easy way to attach the cards to the trellis.
We used these decorations all week.  In the past, I think they've changed the decorations each day.  Our budget didn't allow for that, nor did my energy level!!
Stay tuned for more PTA Hospitality Event Ideas!


Entertaining Women said...

You were so wise to keep the same decorations for the entire week. You skillfully wove each days appreciation event into your design. Great job! Someone has a hard act to follow next year. The Enabler

Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Such a lovely concept! And amazing details (arithmetic cards from 1905? wow!).

Aunt Tiffine said...

So VERY glad to see Teacher Appreciation ideas, they are hard to find. Yours are so classy. We don't have a budget and have over 350 staff members. Here are some of the ones we have done:

Unknown said...

These decorations are adorable. I am a (retired) school teacher, and I love ANYTHING vintage! Such cute ideas.


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