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faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Galations 5:22

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

Ok, friends. I'm new to all of this blogging & award stuff. While rereading my acknowledgement over at No Apologies, I realized I had a little more to do before actually accepting the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD.

This is what I learned (if you are on the following list, these instructions are for you:)

The guidelines for accepting the award are....

thank the person/people who gave it to you
(that's me!)
share 7 things about yourself.
(this is difficult for me as I doubt anyone really cares that much!)

pass the award on to 15 bloggers,
whom you have recently discovered,
and think are fantastic.
(This was easy for me...look who I picked!)

Let's get started,shall we?
Thank you to Ashley at

for the Versatile Blogger Award.
Ashley is so very crafty and already hosts lots of give-a-ways!
You must stop by her site!  You won't regret it!
1. My dogs are like my family.  Presley (a shih tzu) & Addy (a chocolate lab) live with us.  I still cry when conversation turns to my 17 year old Golden Retriever "Buck" who passed away more than 10 years ago.
2. When I see all of the talent out there in blogland, I become overloaded with all the gorgeous things I want to try.  My house can not afford for me to have any more hobbies/interests until I can hire a housekeeper!
3. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day...I could have it for lunch and dinner & be oh so happy!
4. I grew up in the oldest town in Texas and I LOVE Texas History.
5. I love dishes, their history, setting a table and entertaining my friends.
6. A regret of mine is not working for a dear friend in the antique business when I had the chance.  She
is now gone and I'm sorry I missed out on all I could have learned.
7. My family is my greatest blessing and husband & children as well as my mom, daddy, & brothers.  My in-laws aren't too shabby either! (check out number 1 on my list!)  (smiles)
Now, here are the blogs I picked.  The are new to me, possibly you, and I hope you'll take a few minutes and check them out.  They all offer something a little different.  Have Fun!!

This is my m-i-l's brand-spanking new site...if you love tablescapes, you will adore her site!

3. Life in Rehab
its not what you think!

Go check out some of these blogs! There is something for everyone!

Happy Weekend!



Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Congrats!! You deserve it. I also received that today. ps.that cake in your sidebar is killing me! So yummy looking!


Anna Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by today and for your sweet comment! Congrats on the award! You definitely have some cool stuff on here! And those Cinnamon Rolls look delectable!!

Life in Rehab said...

Bwahahahaha, I died that you needed a disclaimer for me! Jami, you're just the best, and I'm so honored that you considered my ramblings worthy. Love you girl!

annie lane@sisterswithflair said...

Thanks for nominating our blog! So sweet of you to become a follower as well. I'm dying to make your cinnamon rolls- they look divine!

Kimberly said...

Thank you thank you for the award! :)


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