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But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Galations 5:22

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gift Card Christmas Tree

We have the best Kindergarten teacher in the world. 
We feel so blessed that even though we are in the public school system, H's teacher is a strong Christian.  She never has to say a word about Christ for the children to feel His love through her.

It is no surprise that the parents and students wanted to show her how much they appreciated her this Christmas season.   This is not an original idea of mine...its been going on for years at this school (and I'm sure many others.)  Many of the room parents attach the gift cards to a wreath or plant.  I was going to follow suit until I saw the Reveille ornament.  I had to make him the topper for an Aggie tree for our teacher.  She can toss the little aluminum tree, but I'm sure that Reveille ornament will be a sweet reminder of this precious class for years to come.
We love you!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Gig 'em!!!

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Card Holder Tutorial

Ok, so this is just a teensy, weensy bit late OR
if you're a glass is half-full kind of person, this is just in time for you to be
 prepared for that influx of Christmas cards 2011. 
(or for those really late last minute card senders who mean well but just get overwhelmed with all of the fun Christmas activites and family things and...ok, me.)

I had seen this idea in my Martha Stewart mag and then again on one of the local morning shows.  It kept appearing on my to-do list, but just took a while to get "to-dooed." (kind of like those Christmas cards!!!)
(I didn't actually get mine put together until about 4 days before Christmas! sshhhh!)


What you'll need:
Embroidery hoops (I bought 3 @ $1.69 at Hobby Lobby)
2 packages of small clothespins ($2.33 each at Hobby Lobby)
Elmers wood glue
wide satin ribbon
about 8 minutes

Simply lay the hoop down, space wood glue dots evenly arount loop...say 4" apart or so.
Place clothespins on glue dots alternating the "pinchy" end facing in and out of the hoop.
Let dry completely, add your ribbon, hang and add cards.


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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Yes, Christmas Day was a few days ago,
 but my wish for you is that you will keep the spirit of Christmas in your hearts all year long. 

(This was our Christmas card, though only a few were actually sent!  Will do better next year!!! I hope!)

Merry Christmas my blogland friends!
You've made this blog such a lovely experience!
Virtual hugs and smiles to all of you!!

Thankful Table

So again, sorry for the quality of the photos...still had the ol' point & shoot at the time.
Also, thought I better post my thanksgiving table before my Christmas table.  (Where has this year gone?!?)

Plates are Woodland spode, silver is Gorham Chanilly and goblets are Waterford Pallas.

Centerpiece is a beautiful Woodland spode compote bowl filled with assorted chrysanthemums, artichokes, lillies, grapes, kale, persimmons and apples. 

Table linens are crewel work mats and runner...purchase several years ago from Williams Sonoma.

Rattan chargers were also a Williams Sonoma purchase from many years ago. 
 Noticed you can pick up similiar chargers much cheaper now at places such as Target.

This is where I really wish I had my good camera back. 
These candle holders are my absolute favorites! 
They are by Fitz & Floyd and are just perfect paired with the Woodland Spode.
  Again, I just love them!

Hope you are still thankful and counting your blessings...I know I am!


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Winter Wonderland Teacher Hospitality Event

We transformed the science lab (at the last minute turned temporary classroom) into a Winter Wonderland.  Our team hosted a dessert/candy buffett for the entire elementary school.  Luckily we had such talented, generous and hard-working people on our team.  Hope you are inspired by what you see for your next teacher event!


Red Velvet & Vanilla Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

My sweet little boy's 5th birthday occurs two days after Christmas.   Subsequently, his preschool teachers (he goes to two) wanted to celebrate his birthday before the holidays.  No problem...I don't have anything else going on anyway! (smiles!!)

(Photo from my iPhone...not too bad!)

Anyway, I asked my little guy what kind of cupcakes he would like for his birthday at school.  He said, "Red velvet, vanilla & chocolate."  Well, I finally got him to narrow it down to Red Velvet and Vanilla.  I used the zebra cake method and alternated putting in red velvet cake batter and vanilla cake batter.  They turned out beautifully...very Christmas-like (or in our case, very festive and birthday-like!)  He thought they were great!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Photo Confetti Tutortial

 Here is the Photo-confetti Picture Tutorial (finally!)

What you will need:
144 photos cropped down to 1" x 1"
(I print mine on Epson Premier Art Matte Scrapbook paper)
3/4" circle hole punch
12" x 12" piece of card stock
mini glue dots adhesive
12" x 12" frame
art eraser

Start by making a mark at .5 inches then every inch after that at the top of your page.
  Repeat on each edge of your paper.

Using your pencil marks, line up the ruler and mark off a grid.
(You can save a little time and just make tick marks at every inch,
but this may not be as accurate as the grid.)

 (below:  just making tick marks) 

Erase the lines leaving the intersection marks.  This is where you will place your photos.
Now, add your photos using mini glue dots adhesive.  My photos are a collection of photos of my family from my parents childhood to today.  I try to mix up the older photos with the newer ones.  Also, I try to mix up up the photos so there is a portrait next to a group photo...make it visually pleasing.
Another item I added was an identifying tag at the bottom right corner.
Ours says "Earley Family Est. 1959."
Ta-da!! Here is the finished product!
It looks great on a photo stand or hanging on the wall.
I'd love to see your version!


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Sunday, December 12, 2010

40th Birthday Cake Pops

Red Velvet Cake Pops with White Chocolate Coating.
Created for client for friend's 40th birthday.

Client's friend likes animal print so we chose to tie the pops with sheer animal print ribbon.
I created a little tag to dress them up just a bit.

To print a free version of these tags ("Happy 40th Birthday!",) click here.
Use a 1 3/4 " circle punch to cut out tags.
Adhere to a 2" scalloped cut out.

Happy Birthday Rebecca!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Soccer Cookies

These cookies were made for a girls select soccer team's end of season party.

Sugar shortbread cookies with royal icing. 
Numbers & soccer balls were highlighted with coarse sanding sugar.

The treats were wrapped in cellophane bags with raffia bows.
Each girl and coach received a cookie with their jersey number and a soccer ball cookie.

Go Team!!!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Coconut Mini Cupcakes

Here's another yummy treat from the Winter Wonderland Party.
Coconut Cupcakes topped with Swiss Meringue Buttercream gilded with more coconut.
Will add recipe for cupcakes soon!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Wonderland Cake Pops

Here are the cake pops we gave at our
Winter Wonderland Teacher Appreciation Event.
The theme was "Thank You for Making A Difference"
so I added that to the tags.

More photos and details from the party will be added soon!


Twilight Cake

Client requested white "sparkly" cake with a tent for her Edward figure.
She also wanted the three birthday "girls" names on the cake separated by hearts.

Please don't throw stones, but I have never read or seen the Twilight series.
I was a little anxious that I might miss the mark on this one.

Fortunately, the client is super sweet and reassured my this was exactly what she had wanted.
Happy Birthday to the Twilight Girls!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Book Basket

This is a great idea I picked up several years ago. 

Start with 25 Christmas/Winter themed Books.  (You'll be surprised how many you actually have!!!)
(Half Price Books is a great place to pick up some inexpensive Christmas books to fill in your collection.)

Let your child (or children) open one a day until Christmas! 
We've accumulated so many that each of my boys can open a book each day!
They enjoy seeing favorite books from years past and discovering new ones I've added to the collection.

When Christmas is over, I use the left over gift wrapping scraps to wrap the books for the following Christmas.

I also keep my daily advent activity book in the basket...that's just so I can easily find it among the rest of the chaos going on! 
My sincerest wishes to each of you for a joyful and blessed Christmas season.

Be sure to stop back by Dec 5th thru 11th
for the last Pretty Packages Party of the year!


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