Galations 5:22

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Galations 5:22

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Mario Bros Cake

Mario Bros Cake
Butter Cake, Chocolate Filling, Buttercream Icing

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Denise Marie said...

cute, cute, cute!! These kids would have NO belief that we also grew up on Mario Bros. lol

Jocelyn said...

too boys would love that:-)

idesign said...


Entertaining Women said...

Zoom's darling! Thank you for sharing your outstanding talents. Cherry Kay

Suzanne said...

Jami- That is Absolutely Adorable!!! I'm sure the little one enjoyed it tremendously!!!

Anonymous said...

That's such a cute cake! Too cute to eat!

Amber@ said...


Home and Heart said...

Such an ADORABLE cake!!

Donene said...

Simply adorable! I love it!
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Tina@HickoryDickoryHome said...

My son would LOVE this!!! He is obsessed with Mario. If you look at my desk makeover post on my blog, you will see his room! Great cake!


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