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Galations 5:22

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

End of Year Soccer Parties

Today was a beautiful day for our end of season soccer parties
...a little cool and breezy, but beautiful none the less. 
My job for both parties was to bring the sweets.
I made dark chocolate fudge cupckakes
as well as rich butter cupcakes.
Topped them all off with the
Though the parties were pretty low-key and held immediately after the game at the soccer park,
I still need to do SOMETHING to make them a little more special.
Thus, the simple soccer cupcake toppers. 
My original idea was to add a glitter paper circle in the team
 color behind the soccer ball before the green backing.
  As you can tell, I decided to do something besides
 make cupcakes toppers last night!
Still cute, but I think the glitter paper would have added just
 the right amount of "party" to the toppers
...after all, these are boys...don't want to get too glitzy!
I'm not sure how everyone else out there puts these little do-da's
 together, but I just put two glue dots on the end of the toothpick,
then two foam adhesives on the green backing &
topped it all off with the soccer ball.  Easy peasy.
Use a 1.5" circle punch for the balls. 
The green cut-outs are from a 2" punch.
Great job to all of the Wolverines & Transformers,
their coaches and parents!
See you in the Spring!!


Unknown said...

I played soccer from age 5-20. We never had cupcakes like that at the year end parties! Great idea. Very cute :)

Andrea said...

I have a friend who uses the face from the group soccer photo and makes statues of each kids for teh cupcakes.

The Tablescaper said...

so fun! Great idea.

- The Tablescaper

Kathleen said...

They look so good!!


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