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Galations 5:22

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Card Holder Tutorial

Ok, so this is just a teensy, weensy bit late OR
if you're a glass is half-full kind of person, this is just in time for you to be
 prepared for that influx of Christmas cards 2011. 
(or for those really late last minute card senders who mean well but just get overwhelmed with all of the fun Christmas activites and family things and...ok, me.)

I had seen this idea in my Martha Stewart mag and then again on one of the local morning shows.  It kept appearing on my to-do list, but just took a while to get "to-dooed." (kind of like those Christmas cards!!!)
(I didn't actually get mine put together until about 4 days before Christmas! sshhhh!)


What you'll need:
Embroidery hoops (I bought 3 @ $1.69 at Hobby Lobby)
2 packages of small clothespins ($2.33 each at Hobby Lobby)
Elmers wood glue
wide satin ribbon
about 8 minutes

Simply lay the hoop down, space wood glue dots evenly arount loop...say 4" apart or so.
Place clothespins on glue dots alternating the "pinchy" end facing in and out of the hoop.
Let dry completely, add your ribbon, hang and add cards.


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essay best said...

That is really good post, always look for tutorials to learn new things, I am going to make it at home, hope my wife will like it as well


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