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Galations 5:22

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Star Wars Party

We celebrated Jack's 5th Birthday with a Star Wars themed party over the weekend.  (As it is January, we have to make do with all indoor activities.)

So without further ado, here is the party...

Food Table
Star Wars Cake

Wookiee Cookies

These are pretzel rods coated in candy melts and sugar sprinkles with a little aluminum foil for the handle.  I saw these on another site and thought, how cute.  Well, they are a little time consuming which takes the cute factor down a little in my book, but they taste great!
Tatooine Treats
Classic Rice Krispie Treats...yum!
Death Star Donuts
The donut holes where a HUGE hit...and so easy.
Luke Skywalker just jumped into the Land Cruiser, went down to the local donut and bought several dozen.  Will definitely be using donuts at future parties!
 You can print your own Food Tags here
You'll have to figure out where to cut them yourself...I just eyed it myself and mounted them on black cardstock.

Enjoying Galactic Pizza, Jedi Juice, Warrior Water & Yoda Soda.

I'm so sad I didn't get a close-up picture of the Yoda Soda!  Its just so fun to say and the perfect party beverage!  You can kinda see it in the middle picture...its the green foamy drink (lime sherbert & Sprite!)  So yummy!!!  Went great with the Galactic Pizza!
Jedi/Princess Sign in Area
Sign in sheet (in case of tragic lightsaber accident we can contact the parents.)
Name tags & party favor bags were on the table as well as gifts for the Birthday Jedi.

Jedi Agility Training Area
The trainees went through tunnels, across a balance beam (backwards of course,) through another tunnel and then a hula hoop.

Darth Vadar Pinata
That's my Jedi giving Darth a good whack!

Luke Skywalker Leading Trainees in Lightsaber Skills
They played "Luke Says," "Red Light Saber/ Green Light Saber,"  and "Follow the Jedi."

Yoda's Light Saber
The Trainees used the force to help Yoda find a light saber.

(Throwing a party takes a lot of family assistance...)
Photo Caption Is Either
"Star Wars - the Comeback Tour"
(The only character that looks better is Darth...the rest of us aren't aging as well!)
"Star Wars - the Daytime Drama"
(My husband is my brother (Luke Skywalker,) my brother is my father (Darth Vadar,) my kids' uncle is their grandfather and their father is their uncle!)  (If my other brother had been there, he would have dressed up as Han Solo which would have added the fact that my brother was my husband to the whole drama!!)
These folks kept Princess Leia sane!
Thanks for all of your help!!!
(They prepped, they cleaned, they picked up the pizza, they entertained the kids, they told me it was a fun party!)

The wind took its toll on my poor Jedi did say JEDI TRAINING FACILITY.  Of course I was so busy before the party I didn't get a picture of the time the kids left it looked like this.   Not sure what a JEDI T ACILITY is, but I'm pretty sure its fun!
Close up of treat bag (a little worse for the wear!)
Vellum bags with Star Wars Puzzles ($1 each at Dollar Store,) Jedi Training Certificate, light saber, glow sticks, and pinata candy.

Each Jedi and Princess received a certificate in their party bags.
I added a gold foil sticker as well to make it look more "official!"
The foil sticker has the famous Yoda quote, "Do or Do Not.  There is no Try. - Yoda"
To print your own certificate for free, click here.

Just in case you missed the previous post, here are the Light Saber Invitations.
Light Saber Invitation How-to
Very rarely do I have an original idea.  When I do, I'm sure it was inspired by something I had previously seen that has been buried deep into my subconcious.  My party ideas came from other bloggers willing to share their ideas.  There are so many great moms out their that have generously shared their Star Wars Party ideas.
Here are a few that inspired me:
Tip Junkie

Happy 5th Birthday my precious little Jedi!


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Craft That Party said...

What a fantastic party! I am going to file these ideas away for when my Jack gets older!

The details are just amazing! I love the Darth Vadar pinata, yoda soda, and light saber invites!

Unknown said...

What an awesome party. I can definitely tell you put a lot of work and detail into this party

Unknown said...

Awesome job Leia Skywalker! The force was obviously with you for that party!

Lapiz de la Guerra said...

Oh my, I'm totally stealing this idea for my husband's 30th birthday next year. He is a HUGE Star Wars fan and would love this! You are so creative and I love how fun and creative you named everything. I totally want Yoda Soda now :o) Happy birthday to your littl'un!

Michelle said...

Great party!


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