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Galations 5:22

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Book Boxes - Revisited

Another year, another book box.
(Last year's is at bottom of the post...)
For the newbies, the kindergartner teachers ask that each family create a book box out of a cereal box.  The kiddos use them to hold the books they make at school.
It's a great way to recycle and to show a little of the kids' personalities.
What I learned last year, was that using decoupage to apply the paper is a great way to reinforce the box.  It just feel sturdier.  J wanted his picture on his because that's the way H's teacher requested his look in 1st Grade.
Here is what I came up with:

Because I'm still recovering, I just used a group of coordinating papers and decoupage.  My mind and energy level would only allow mindless crafting.

Aren't packaged papers the best?!?!

Turned out pretty cute, don't cha think?

Oh, I just stamped his name on with rubber stamps and acrylic paint after the Mod Podge dried.  Because I wasn't sure which end would show, I put his picture on both.
Doesn't he look like a happy Kindergartner?!?

 This is the 1st Grade version.  They sent home the book boxes (very sturdy) with only one include a picture of your child reading a book on the short end.  The teacher added the names so it gave all of the individual book boxes a unified look.

Happy Fall!

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