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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Star Wars Room

Our boys received a very special Christmas present this year...
a new room!!
Our little Padwans have been wanting bunk beds for some time so we decided to redo the nursery as a surprise.  We told them we had to fumigate the room due to a bug infestation...thank goodness for gullible little Jedis!
We painted with the same Benjamin Moore colors found on the Pottery Barn website, Comet and Bachelor Blue, lightening Comet two shades.
The comforters and shams were discounted finds from Pottery Barn and  Ebay!

This is my favorite part of the room!  I saw inpirations for the Lego storage/play station and the Lego mini figure board on Pinterest but forgot to pin them!  If you are the mastermind behind these great ideas, please let me know so I can give you the credit!!
***UPDATE- My boys AND THEIR FRIENDS LOVE the minifigure board!!!  They play with it ALL of the time!  Occassionally a brick pops off, but I keep some super glue in a hidden location (don't need anyone super glueing their brother to wall) to quickly put it back on.  Knock on wood, we haven't had any pop off in awhile, even with a couple of playdates!****

The mini figure board was made by measuring off even spaces and using super glue to adhere the 2 x 6 Lego pieces.  In the orginal tutorial, they used glass but I was afraid it might break so I chose to use white board.  After a little use, some of the bricks are coming off with the white coating.  I'm guessing a piece of metal would work best, but I couldn't find any in the short time I had to put it all together.  If you try it, let me know how it works!

The lightsaber night light can be found in the science section of Toys R Us.  The boys LOVE it!  It automatically turns off after 15 minutes, but has a remote control to turn it back on if the padwans need a little more "light" before falling asleep.
The silver board on top of the plastic drawers and on top of the shelves are MDP (?) board painted with metallic paint.  Be sure to sand the edges and wipe it all down before painting!

We also found the cool Star Wars planetarium in the Toys R Us science section.
It not only shows the Earth's stars, but it also show the Star Wars Galaxy.

 After getting the silver boards put into place we added silver thumbtacks as a trim.
It's a great finish to the room.

The shelves back to back add extra storage that keeps clutter hidden.

We looked around for an affordable storage armoire for this space, but didn't find anything before Christmas.  I set up this little table (with R2D2 Sorry on top,) to fill the area for now.

It was such fun getting the room ready and even more fun seeing the look on the boys' faces when they finished their scavenger hunt that led to their new room!

Oh!  I forgot to share a cute little story earlier...
I was tucking the boys in on their first night and the youngest said,
"When I pick a girl and we get married, she's gonna like Star Wars so we can have Star Wars room!"  KAH=UTE!  Love that boy!


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Entertaining Women said...

This was a much easier way to see their wonderful room than on the face time tour that the boys gave me. Kudos! ILY Mo said...

So amazing, love it all especially that mini-figure wall!!!! Oh how your boys will enjoy it!!

Jill said...

Oh my goodness - this room is great! I really love the mini figure board! I really like when people find ways to make things decorative and useful and I think you did a great job of that. You've got some lucky boys!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Fabulous! Even my brother (44 years old) would love this room. I better not share it with him, 'cause I'm pretty sure his wife would not want a Star Wars room in their house. LOL What a great way to carry out the theme.

April said...

holy darth vader!!! That looks awesome....the lego figure display like blew my mind!!! Swoon!

Unknown said...

I love the display board. What a great way to keep the figures organized.

Jen Lossing, Artistic Abode Designs said...

This is so cute! Any star wars fan would be so happy to have this room. Especially kids who are star wars fans! Great job!

SugarMomma said...

Oh boy, better not let my hubby see this... he'd love this... and would try to do this to our master bedroom :/

New follower here from the BOYS Linky :)

The Mommies Made Me Do It @

The Southern Product Queen said...

I love your blog, and your ideas! Super cute! I saw your blog on Tip Junkie! I am having a linky party too, and would love if you would join! Here is this link Thanks for sharing! Happy New Years!

Julie, RN said...

My son would love this....he is a Star Wars and Lego fan! In case your boys need a clock, we purchased a Darth Vader Lego alarm clock for Christmas (at Walmart)....they also had another character available as well.

Unknown said...

Just dropping by from the tt&j linky party. I like the thumbtack border. Very clever!

Kim @ Too Much Time said...

WOW! Such fun:) I would love for you to link up at my party going on right now!

Unknown said...

Oh' My WOW! my son (10) would freak over the room and that Lego Board. HOW CREATIVE. I love it. I am sharing this on my COM-FB page. well done. winks, jen

imsteelefullofscrap said...

My son would love his room to look like this you out did yourself love how you did the leggo picture

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

This is AWESOME!!

Unknown said...

Following from tatertots and jello-
stop by for a visit!

the cape on the corner said...

oh my gosh, how fun are all those legos on display! i know a 30 something man that would love this room, too, lol.

Katie said...

Love, love, love it! Just pinned it and am featuring it on tomorrow's A Crafty Soiree. We've huge Star War's fanatics here!

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

What an awesome mom to put all that together for them. I bet they loved it.

Janie said...

That is beyond awesome! I'm going to have to show my husband...and then I'll probably be converting master bedroom into a Star Wars room - haha!

Thank you for linking up at Twisted Thursday - Happy New Year!

Catrin said...

Awesome. I love it. Found this because you were featured here:
This makes me happy and wish for one, even though I am not into Lego.
Greetings from Germany

laxsupermom said...

Adorable room! My 7 yr old loves Legos & Star Wars & would love this room. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

Margo said...

This room is amazing, what an awesome job! said...

Jami...this is great! I saw the lego board thing on PInterest too.....I am not sure if I pinned it or not! I am going to start following you!! :) Love the room!~

Betsy @ Anna Nimmity said...

What a great room! Super creative! My boys would have LOVED that Lego man board during their Lego years. They always gravitated toward the characters first, then figured out what to build for the characters with the regular Legos.

Frances said...

I noticed you had a little problem keeping legos on the white board. Maybe this will help. She used PVC white lattice.

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