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Galations 5:22

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Olympic Birthday Party

Finally, right?
Here's the skinny on the Olympic Party we had way back in JUNE!
We started by meeting at the middle school track by our school.
To be sure everything was on the up and up, I contacted the school several weeks in advance, to be sure we could use the field.  They appreciated the fact that I checked with them first.  Their only request was for us to stay off of the football field due to the sprinkler system in place.
No Problem!
Since we set up our tents & coolers at the back of the field, we had a sign near the parking lot letting everyone know they were in the right place.

As the athletes arrived, they warmed up with some light weigh-lifting.
She makes it look so easy, doesn't she?!?
They also received their name tags on USA lanyards.

Races were next.
The 50 yard dash and relays.
The relay baton was made from a cut up pool noodle stuffed with red, white & blue crepe paper streamers.  We used the same crepe paper for the finish lines.  The kiddos LOVED breaking the finish line!
The tents held coolers full of Gatorade and water bottles.
There were also Z bars, Z fruit, and other healthy snacks available.
We took plenty of hydration breaks! 

Also at the track the athletes participated in the long jump, discus (frisbee) throw and javelin (pool noodles) throw.

After all of the track and field activities were complete, the athletes received their medals and got ready for the parade back to the house.  There were plenty of flags for everyone.  It was a really impressive sight.  Check out that torch!  CLICK HERE for the how-to.

Back at the house, everyone took a break with a popsicle and more Gatorade before having the basketball throw, soccer kick and more javelin throwing.

The decorations started to wilt a little, the rings were made from floral styrofoam wrapped with crepe paper.  It was a little windy and they didn't hold up that well.  Would definitely do more to reinforce the connections.
Straw wreath wrapped in striped ribbon & star garland embellished with wooden letters, flags and an olympic insignia.

A group of international flags lined the walk way and the flower beds.  Thanks to V & M for putting those out for me!


The boy wanted red velved cupcakes.  I know, I know...not my usual MO.  All I can say is that they worked for this event.  Of course we also had individual Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Cups for everyone because my kids don't think it's a party with cake AND ice cream.

As the party drew to a close, we began passing out the treat bags.
To see what was inside the little treat bags, CLICK HERE.

The party was over, which finally gave me a moment to take a few snaps of the birthday boy.


Happy Birthday to the boy that truly changed my life!
You are amazing!


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Wow, it looks like such a fun party - great job!!


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