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Galations 5:22

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another Birthday Cake

If you follow me, you know I almost always only work with French Buttercream or Swiss Merengue Buttercream as you just can't beat the flavor and ultimate texture experience along with the cake.  With that being said, I adore the look of fondant but just can't get past the taste and texture...yuk.
Well, my friend wanted chevron on her cake and I cringed.  They are gorgeous in fondant because they can be perfect which is exactly what you're looking for with fondant.  Not so much with buttercream.
I set up her expectations and told her I'd give it a try.
The colors are pretty...
bead work is ok....
but I wasn't very happy with the "chevron."  Actually, I wasn't even going to share the cake on the blog.  Then I decided, hey, I don't want everyone to think I'm perfect (insert sarcasm here!)
My advice if you're going to decorate cakes?  Always make sure it tastes AMAZING!  It will make up for a decorating blunder!  I'm always confident in the taste of the cake and of the frosting even if I get a little insecure with the decorating part.

My friend said she liked it, but I think she was just being sweet...because, well, she's sweet!
Happy Birthday Sweet Avery!


Liz said...

Beautiful cake! I love the colors! said...

It looks great!! And yes! Your cakes are always delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty cake! I love the colors!

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