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Galations 5:22

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Secret Agent Party - The Mission

The Secret Agents head back inside to get their prize
and what do they find?!?!
"The Bad Guys" have stolen the reward!!
They left a blue note with a clue on it...the next clue was
in one of the bombs they left by the front door.
(Birthday boy's uncles were really good guys to play bad guys for
their nephew! Don't tell, but it looked like they were actually
having a pretty good time!)
Here the secret agents are trying to diffuse the bombs
to find the next clue. This part of the mission was a little noisy!
The clue in the bomb led them outside to the laser field.
The clue was wrapped around a sucker. There was a
sucker for each agent, but only one revealed the next clue!

The agents were directed to the bounce house were they searched through
plastic balls labeled with their agent number.

This agent found his plastic ball with ease!


One side of the ball was labeled with the agent's number,
the other side had a letter.
The agents had to put the balls in order by agent number
to find the next clue!

They had to find a white box!
Inside were water guns and another clue!
The agents had to arm themselves to
fight "The Bad Guys" to get their reward back.
(Unfortunately, I was laughing so hard at the masses attacking
my brothers, that I didn't get a good photo of the mega watergun fight.
Trust me, it was AWESOME!)
"The Bad Guys" had tied the reward up in a tree and
the agents took turns trying to get it down.

Once they got it opened, they placed the "Evidence" into
their collection bag. The bag was then sent home
with the agents for them to do forensics testing at home.

1 comment:

Moore Minutes said...

Yes, I'm leaving ANOTHER comment on your blog, lol. I just saw this and it caught my attention because last fall I did nearly the SAME thing for my son's birthday!!!

Here is the link:

I have the invites on a different post but you get the idea. ;)
Perfect time for boys huh? It looks like yours was a hit too. <3


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