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Galations 5:22

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Book Boxes for School & Home

The Kindergarten Team at Haden's school sent out directions for the parents to help the children make book boxes out of large cereal boxes.  They'll keep the books that make at school in them. 
Here are the directions we recieved:
1.  Find a large cereal box and cut out the side that tells the nutrition information.
2.  Tape the original opening shut.
3.  Decorate the box however you and your child wish!  For example, use wrapping paper, paint, contact paper, stickers, sequins--anything you want to create a unique box!
4.  Write your child's name on both narrow sides of the box.

Well, as I said a few days, ago, I think I'm developing a Mod Podge addiction.
I started cutting up tissue paper and applying it with Mod Podge to the cereal box.  It takes several layers to cover up the cereal box.  Helpful hint...less is more with the Mod Podge.  Let each layer dry before adding more.  Since we've had 24 days here of above 100 degree temps, I just set mine outside to "bake."  It would probably be better to just take your time.  After all of the tissue was applied and dried, Haden drew a picture of his favorite book.  I cut it out an applied it to the box as well.  Something else I should have added to the bottom of the box (and will hopefully remember to add later, is  his teacher's name, his school's name and the school year.)  This box will also be a great place to keep school keepsakes when the year is over.


Erin said...

Very cute. And totally clever! I've also become a little addicted to mod podge.

And I totally agree withyour brother. Cresent dough rocks!!! =o)

Lynette @ My Craft Discovery said...

Super cute! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love getting new followers too! :)

More Entertaining Women said...

This is very fun. Brings back great memories of my days as a school teacher of little kids. Great idea, too. Hard to corral all those masterpieces, so this fits the bill - AND - you're recycling. Yippee! Now, time to put all that cereal in a decorative storage container? Hee hee. Have a beautiful day, beautiful girl. Love,C


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