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Galations 5:22

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are You Ready for Adventure?!?! - Indiana Jones Party Invitations

(front of invite)

My Sweet Baby Boy has turned 7! 
It was Indiana Jones or nothing as far as birthday themes go.
Since one only knows when they won't want a party at all, I'm happy to oblige my boys birthday party wishes.
Luckily, there are so many creative moms out there that have selflessly shared their ideas, coming up with invitations and a party have been pretty easy. (For your own inspiration, I've listed some of the sites I gleaned from at the end of this post.)

  (inside of invitation)

I had initially wanted to make them on maps, then roll them up and pass them out at school.
To my surprise, my birthday boy didn't want to invite a few people.   (Those kids may not have cared, but I just hate the idea of not giving every kid an invite for the possibility of hurting feelings.)  Mailable invites it had to be! 
(Unfortunately, because of this, we couldn't send invitations to some of his friends because we didn't have their addresses...sadly when people won't let the school share their information, even with classmates, their children are missing out on parties and play dates.)

(back view of invite)

Materials Used for Invites:
Treasure Map 12" x 12" scrapbook paper from Joanne
5" x 7" craft paper fold over notes by Stampabilites found at Hobby Lobby
candle, spatula, cookie sheet

(invites and envelopes)

Cut the treasure map paper into 6" x 10" strips.
Print "Are You Ready for Adventure" on outside using Fedora font.
Using a burning candle, carefully burn edges of paper. (I did it outside over a cookie sheet. I also used a metal spatula to quickly put out any run away burns! This is actually very simple...I even let the birthday boy help! Another tip...fold the papers in half before burning so you can easily adhere it to the craft paper cards.)
Print invitation on the inside of the fold over notes using 1942 Report (free font found at
Print envelopes with address & return address also using 1942 Report
After stuffing and sealing the envelopes, I finished them off with a stamp of a french antique stamp and post mark

(back view of invites)

Inspiration for these invitations & other Indiana Jones Party ideas were found at the following sites:

If you have an Indiana Jones Party post that is not listed above...let me know!  I'd love to add it to the list to share with others!


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Tammy said...

They look great! My son likes Indiana Jones too!

Ashley said...

these are so fun!!! i love them

Unknown said...

These look great! I just love doing theme kids parties.

Lynn said...

What a great theme for a party. Your invitations turned out great. Nice job. Thanks for visiting me at Cottage and Creek. I'm happy to be following you too.
Have a nice weekend -

Entertaining Women said...

I can envision this technique for an adult version of this invitation, too. Such a pleasing result. Cherry Kay

Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

I LOVE your invitations! Super cute!!

Thanks so much for linking to my son's birthday when we hosted an Indiana Jones party! That was quite a few years ago and we are STILL talking about it, as well as the cake.

Here's to many more happy birthday parties. :)

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