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Galations 5:22

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great Gift Ideas for 40th Birthdays

Husband was lavished with tons of gifts at his 40th birthday party.
All of them were thoughtful and generous!
(He received something like 5 bottles of Crown and as many bottles of wonderful wine...nothing like self-medicating to get over the shock of turning 40!)
I thought I'd share some of them with you to spark your creative gift giving juices for the next time you need to take something for a milestone birthday.

Time Magazine from the week he was born.
We've had such fun looking at the ads for such items as Pintos, Polaroids, and cigarettes!
This is an idea I've already been working on for some milestone birthdays coming up in my family.  I was surprised you can actually find them fairly easily on Ebay. 

A UB40 CD...honestly, I didn't get it that evening.  As I was cleaning up the next morning, I got it.  I laughed and laughed!

A bottle of wine with a name similiar to the birthday boy.

Loads of gift cards...some to his favorite restuarants, golf courses and stores!
$40 was a common amount!  Cute!

His favorite gifts, of course, were all of the friends that came to celebrate his birthday with him.  We can't thank them enough for thoughtfulness and friendship.


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Wenni Donna said...

Simply awesome 40th birthday gift ideas! Thanks for sharing these here. Whenever I attend parties, always seek gift ideas from pinterest and blogs. Currently, planning a fun weekend party at one of top venues in San Francisco. Was looking for amazing decoration ideas for it.


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