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Galations 5:22

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Lego Ninjago Party Favors

The Chinese take-out boxes worked perfectly with our red, yellow & black color scheme.
So happy Kai (the red ninja) is Jack's favorite!
Will have the printable for the tags, invitations & thank you notes up for sale in my Etsy store soon.
The tags are tied to chop sticks with black wraphia (from Michaels.)
Inside are the goodies mixed with some shredded paper (Dollar Tree.)
Custom fortune cookies from KC Fortune Cookies, a Chinese yo-yo, and chinese handcuffs were inside.
These fun fortune cookies came from KC Fortune Cookie Company.
They were really good and very affordable!
You can upload an image and they print on both sides.  We had 8 different fortunes but the back of each side all said, "Thanks for coming to my party!  Jack"
Stay tuned!  More Lego Ninjago Party ideas coming!!
Will share with the parties on the sidebar=>

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