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Galations 5:22

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More 100 Days of School Ideas

Thought I'd quickly share with you a couple 100 days of school ideas I saw today.  The photos are from the phone, so bear with me!  There were also some cute ideas using photos that I'll share at the end. 
If you're looking for something last minute, maybe one of these cute ideas will help you out!!
100 Ballons

100 Shells in a stepping stone!
Great way to preserve some of those Kindergarten memories!

100 Plastic Spoons in a block of styrofoam.
Each spoon has a unique face...can you guess which one the Kindergartener did?!?

100 Thumbtacks on cardboard initial

100 Little Pom Poms become a cute Hello Kitty

100 Pieces of Pasta turned into a self-portrait

100 Toothpicks made a cute tiny house!

100 Pennies!

 100 Safety Pins on a necklace

100 Toothpicks make a cute picture
Also I saw a poster board cover in 100 Faces of Susie!  OH MY!!!  From baby pictures until today, there were pictures of a sweet little girl!!
Another little girl made a photo album with 100 pictures of herself.
What are some of your best 100 days of school projects?
Will share this post with some of my favorite parties found in my side bar!

1 comment:

ETowns said...

I love 100 day ideas. My son tries to come up with something unique every year. Last year he took in 100 matchbox cars! He got 1st place. Nobody had ever done that before!


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