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Galations 5:22

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Nacho" Average Salad Bar

Isn't that a great name for the luncheon?
The Kindergarten moms came up with it!
We put it on the little invites that we stuck in all of the teachers/staff boxes.
It was a great meal with all of the fixin's!
They used deli rotisserie chicken from Costco, shredded it and served it on a platter garnished with peppers and cilantro.  It looked gorgeous!  The chicken would have still tasted great without the garnish, but it would not have been as appetizing.  Notice the tent cards labeling the food.  This is always a great touch!
They chose a lot of their serving pieces to reflect the them.  Isn't that the cutest way to serve salsa?
They had cheeses, lettuce, chips, tortillas, beans, queso, ground beef, tomatoes, onions, sour cream and every other thing you might want on a taco/nacho salad.  It was delicious!
The room looked so great!  When we're in there, we just block out of our minds the stacked desks and other items found in the room.  I take pictures forgetting you'll see them!
Their dessert bar & beverage station was just as gorgeous as the Nacho Bar.
This event was in February so they also incorporated Valentine's into their decorations.
You can see the Nacho Bar behind the table.
One of our awesome teachers!!!
(We think she's the BEST teacher!  We've had her twice!!!)
Our lead room moms that put this all together!
They did such a fantastic job!!!
Oh!  Check out the red burlap that they used to cover the cabinets in the background.
I love how they tied the little sunflowers and raffia on the edges to give it a scalloped effect!
So clever!
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