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Galations 5:22

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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Halloween Candy Fairy Strikes Again

Its just a matter of days until we have loads and loads of candy sitting, staring at us...begging to be eaten.  Our minds work overtime trying to justify snacking on our children's stash.  
 "Just one Twix won't hurt...ummm...that Almond Joy looks pretty good, too...oh, look, a Bit 'o Honey!  Haven't had one in ages...I'll just eat this one."  No, this is not my first Halloween!

Many moms I know incorporate the Candy Fairy just a few days after Halloween to help rid their homes of all of the extra temptations.  Most say its because their kids don't need the sugar. 
 I say its because I have little to no will power.  Candy Fairy here we come.

Its very easy to entice the Candy Fairy to your home.
Let your children pick out 10 or so pieces of candy to keep.
The rest of the candy they can put in a bag outside of their bedroom door.
In the morning, the candy will be gone and a gift will be left in its place.
To help the Candy Fairy out, I made a little label for her to attach to the gift bag.
Feel free to help yourself to the label if you find you need a little candy help, too.

What to do with all of that candy?  Take it to the office, the school, the fire department or a charitable organization in your area.  They will be thankful for your treats!
Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!
Andrea shared this site with me.  Just plug in your zip code and they'll show you were you can take your candy!  Its a great program!!  Thanks Andrea!!!

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beth said...

Such a great idea--love it!

Andrea said...

This is an amazing program for candy fairies all around!!


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