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Galations 5:22

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Get to Know the Teacher - Updated Version

Last year I created this little "Get to Know the Teacher" questionnaire. 
Many of you have either downloaded it or used it as a guideline to create your own.
Well, our school is AWESOME, and they already had a similiar form available online for each teacher.  A school after my own heart!
Well this year, after a little "real" school experience under my belt, I decided to create a NEW "Get to Know the Teacher" that is just a little bit more specific.

My boys eat VERY early in day, so there are only a few places nearby that I can pick up a "take out" lunch.  You may need to adjust the names of the restaurants to suit your needs.
Also, when its hot (105+ degrees) outside, like it is here, a teacher will probably say her favorite drink is something cold...ran into that problem last year when it was 30 degrees in January.  It just didn't seem right to bring the teacher an iced coffee drink!
Hope some of you may find the little form useful!

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Anonymous said...

what a great idea. Thanks for sharing it!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea! I just thought I'd let you know, though, that Starbucks does not have an apostrophe in it. Thought you may want to know, because otherwise, it's perfect!


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