Galations 5:22

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Galations 5:22

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Where are my pictures?

Does anyone know why my pictures are disappearing?

I have plenting of storage on Picasa...they show up when I load them but disappear when I preview or publish?


(testing photo)


Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Hi Jami, I'm a blog designer and if you can't figure it out, I can take a look at it for you, just email me and let me know. I'd be happy to help you figure it out! :)

Desire Empire said...

This happened to me too some time back. You need to go into the HTML tab in edit pages and you will probably find that the width and height say for each photo says "0".Thus the photos are there but not showing up. I think I just deleteed the "0" for the width and height for each photo and they showed up. It's a pain in the arse as you need to do it for each photo, but then Blogger then just went back to normal. There is a bit on it in the blogger forums too which is how I worked out how to fix it. Hope this helps
Best Carolyn

Jami said...

Thank you both so much!!!
I just deleted the images (the link still showed up when the cursor when over them in the COMPOSE mode,) then I added them again.
I think its working now...we'll see tomorrow!
Have a wonderful evening!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

That was happening to me regularly as well. I found that when I was writing a post, if I went into the edit html (instead of compose) and added the photos there, they wouldn't disappear.


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