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Galations 5:22

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Menu & Table

I was searching my blog trying to find the pictures from last year's Easter table when I realized I had never posted it!  Wah?!?  So here it is.  (It's killing me that the knife is askew right there...oh well, that's how it is over here...askew!)
The Spode Mayflower plates were a gift from my MIL or as I call her "the Enabler."  She keeps me in dishes and I absolutely adore that about her!!!  Check out all of her pretties HERE.
The charger is one I picked up from Hobby Lobby and simply painted with a metallic green paint.  To make your own, check out my TUTORIAL.
These sweet little bunnies were also picked up at Hobby Lobby.  They hold some vintage cotton napkins that I picked up at an estate sale with...wait for it...yes, The Enabler.  (She's so good!  She has a gift for finding amazing deals at estate sales and on Ebay!)
Check out the glassware.  The wine hocks are Waterford Simply Lime and Waterford Simply Pink.  Again, my MIL introduced me to these and I began collecting them years ago when they were way more affordable.  Life go in the way and I'm short 4 hocks in the Simply Pink.  Now they seem a little too frivolous for me to buy for myself.  The other glass was a gift from, yes again, my MIL.  She picked them up at the VERY END of that same estate sale when she went to pick up an item she left a bid on.  I think they're called optic glass. Aren't the green stems gorgeous!   If you have more information on them, please share.
Let's see, what else is on that table.  The cute bunnies on either side of the roses were also a gift from my MIL.  She said they looked like something I would like...she really is the best, isn't she?  The roses were from my garden.  The silver is my Gorham Chantilly.  My dear Mrs. McGee gave it to me when she knew she was dying.  She had no children and wanted me to have it.  My mom and brother have also helped me collect more pieces.
We set the kid's up in the kitchen.  Nothing too fancy.  The pink  Ralph Lauren cotton tablecloth came from TJ Maxx years ago as did they green Ralph Lauren napkins.  The little bunnies were Hobby Lobby finds.  The roses are in a Waterford Rose Bowl that was a wedding gift.
The silver charger plates from Hobby Lobby are holding my Haviland Marseille luncheon plates.  Just needed to keep it simple for those kids.  The glassware is Ralph Lauren something something.  The pattern name escapes me.  Let me know if you know what it is.  I think they're beautiful, but the rims nick and chip at the drop of a hat.
Now, here's our Easter buffet...
Buttermilk Biscuits and Oven Roasted Home Fries
Spinach Strawberry Salad with Feta & Sugared Almonds
My Favorite!  Roasted Asparagus!  Yum!
We also had fresh fruit, sweet baby peas and the most delicious honey smoked ham from Rudy's.
Dessert was the Over-the-Top Carrot Cake.
We're doing it again this year and we can't wait!
Maybe I'll get this year's meal and table posted a little earlier than last year!
What's always on your Easter menu?
Partying with my friends in the side bar.


Hilary said...

We all need an enabler in our lives!! ;) And probably you are the ONLY one who would notice a knife askew in the photo. Food looks totally yummy and I am reminded now that I haven't had any breakfast.

Entertaining Women said...

I'm so excited to see your tables from last year. You definitely have a designer's eye. They are both beautiful. The optic goblets with the green stems are Tiffin. I'll be eager to see this year's design. ILY! The Enabler, a,k,a, Cherry Kay. :-)


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