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Galations 5:22

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Saturday, October 9, 2010 CAN turn off Word Verification

I'm slightly blogger illiterate.   A BIG thanks to Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen who left me this message on one of my posts:

I love that color blue too! Too funny about the Ikea sizes! I haven't been there is ages!

Interesting meme, Pretty Packages!

I will add it to my sidebar.

Did you know that Blogger has a new spam filter so you don't need the i d word anymore? Seems to be working well.

I didn't even realize I had chosen this setting.  (Did she have a sweet way of letting me know?  I'm always afraid the tone of my posts is should always be upbeat and happy in case you were wondering.) Anyway this is very easy to correct if you're interested.

From my "Dashboard" page, I clicked on "Settings."  Then I chose "Comments."  A little ways down was the choice to turn Word Verification off.

Simple and easy....even for me.  By the way, I've been at this for a couple of months and I have NEVER had a spam incident.

Oh!  Why don't you stop by and thank Kathleen yourself when you get the chance.  She has a beautiful blog!


Kathleen said...

LOL! Thank you! One of my friend's who uses it told me, though I didn't use it. So many didn't realize they had it! Worst case scenerio , you can always put it back. But so far so good. And I never liked typing those strange words!
Glad you stopped by too!

Entertaining Women said...

I actually considered starting a meme called 'Capture Your Favorite Captcha.' I just felt kind of puffy when I learned that cryptic combination of letters was called captcha. Cherry Kay

Diane said...

Great info. I found that feature awhile back and was so glad I did.

Treat and Trick said...

Hi Jami,

Thanks for visiting my site, hope you'll try them.. word verification, I didn't know about this, great info..


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