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Galations 5:22

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a Bargain!

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This table has been partially set for a few weeks.  I've been wanting to have a few friends over for lunch to plan our upcoming Supper Club group.  Things have been so hectic around here, that I just haven't been able to commit to a day that I could prepare something lovely for my friends.  Well, I've decided we're going to brown bag it but still eat off the plates!  Hey, we're all friends here!  I also can't wait to show them my crazy cheap finds!!  You, my blog friends, will get to hear about them first!

Let me start by saying I have beautiful Vista Allegre Pavillion everyday china.  Just gorgeous.  The problem is, with two small boys, it was getting pretty expensive to replace.  One day at Target I saw this cute pottery (bottom plate.)  I could pick up a place setting and a bowl for the cost of one Vista Allegre plate!   Well, with my left over birthday money, I picked up around 8 place settings.  I've enjoyed them so much.  Also, I don't cry a little on the inside any more when a plate gets chipped or broken.
The plate are on top of wicker chargers from either Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma.  I've had them for several years and can't quite recall which store they came from.
Small wine glasses from IKEA (more on that below.)  Water goblets are Ralph Lauren. 
These sweet antique "Bakerman" salt & pepper shakers were my Grandma's.  If I remember the story correctly, my Grandfather would bring my Grandmother salt & pepper shakers when he had been out of town.  These are one set of three that I was lucky enough to recieve.
I have a question...are people from Sweden freakishly small?  A few weeks ago, IKEA had a one day sale on 12 pieces (4 - 3 piece place settings) of white porcelain for $4.99.  What?!?  Yes, $4.99.  Just a dollar over a place setting.  Welllllll, the place setting looks like a salad plate, bread plate and dessert bowl.  Humph.  I had grand ideas of 30 white place settings for Supper Club.  Alas, they will be part of lovely mix 'n match tables.
Also, same scenario the next weekend, but this time the star of the show was the bargain of 12 wine glasses for $4.99.  They forgot to say MINIATURE wine glasses.  (Check it out in the first photo.)  Don't be surprised if you see a post using those wine glasses in a craft project!
Needed a little more color on the table, so the coffee beans in votive holders were called in to play.
Mr. Bakerman salt & pepper shakers.
The little blue bottles were about $1.75 each on sale at Hobby Lobby.  They pick up the blue in the pottery plates perfectly.  I LOVE that color of blue!  The roses are from one of my rose bushes.
A pretty view of the coffee bean votive holders.
I'm so looking forward to having my friends over.

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Home and Heart said...

Love the aqua! Very pretty!!

Heidi said...

All very pretty! ~I love the coffee beans in the glasses with candles, lovely idea! ~Heidi

PCovi said...

(yes, I made the angel witch on a bottle :)
Your table!!! Invite meeee!
I love the cloth (well I do...) and those blue bottles! My friend and I joke about "azure" all the time.
We both love the color.

Entertaining Women said...

When is your luncheon, and when is Supper Club? I know a place where you can shop for a number of different plate choices...and other things, too. Let me know if you're interested. I love your tablescape. The blue bottles are like little pieces of table jewelry. What was the diameter of those Ikea plates anyway? Thank you for sharing your wonderful design. Cherry Kay

Donna said...

Your table is gorgeous! I adore the aqua bottles, and those cute salt & pepper shakers! Thanks so much for the invite to your linky party, I did join up! Have a great night!

Debbie said...

I'm so tired after being on the go all day today. Then... I came here and you made me literally laugh out loud with your comment about the Swedish people being freakishly small! So funny...

I love your table, giggles and all. That's the sweetest thing about the salt and pepper shakers that your grandfather bought.

Great table! I enjoyed the whole post.

Alycia Nichols said...

Maybe that's how the Swedish women stay so svelte...they only eat what they can fit on the plate! Maybe I need to try that! As for the teensy wine glasses, though, I'd have to refill those bad boys 10 or 15 times! :-) Seriously, though...the table is very pretty with that gorgeous aqua. Cute little salt & pepper shakers, too, with a wonderful story of your grandparents to go with. Wonderful! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

No matter that there may have been some surprises at the size of the plates and wine glasses, you made it all work in a fun way. How does your supper club work? Thanks for coming by.

Chubby Chieque said...

Funny with the swede story §;-)
Apparently, those glasses is for the kiddies.

I am a girl from The Philippines but living in Stockholm for 23 yrs and IKEA is cool place to shop at but, I don't know how they have their products abroad.

Charming setting...

Happy Day.

Anji* said...

The whole table looks so pretty! I love that aqua blue colour too :)

Editora said...

So beautiful!!!

Kathleen said...

I love that color blue too! Too funny about the Ikea sizes! I haven't been there is ages!
Interesting meme, Pretty Packages!
I will add it to my sidebar.
Did you know that Blogger has a new spam filter so you don't need the
i d word anymore? Seems to be working well.

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing with us at A Crafty Soiree! You set such a pretty table. I can tell you put a lot of time and thought into make it just right. I bet it's delightful to be a guest at your home. Hope you'll join us at the lastest party, it begins tomorrow!


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