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Galations 5:22

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Save the Date Cake Pops

 A client was hosting a surprise engagement party this weekend for her daughter and futer son-in-law.  After deciding on flavors and talking about colors, we came up with the idea to add a little save the date tag to the cake pops. 
I loved this idea and so did my client.
Another option with this idea is to add the couples' names and a little magnet to the back.  After the guests get home from the party and nosh on their cake pops, they can just put the save the date tags on the fridge.

Happy Engagement S + N !!!!



Lindsey said...

What a cute idea!

Sharon said...

Yours is a great idea. My son is having his engagement party in March and I made save the date magnets too. Check mine out.... I do love cake pops though!!

The Partiologist said...

Oh my, these are beautiful!!


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