Galations 5:22

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Galations 5:22

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Purple and Turquoise Cake

~Purple and Turquoise cake for 19 year old girl's birthday~


Entertaining Women said...

Have you figured out how to do these intense colored icings so that people's teeth and tongue don't turn purple and green when they eat the cake? Gorgeous design. Cherry Kay

AmandaRose said...

that is such an awesome cake i'm sure she LOVED it, thank you so much for commenting on my blog hope it inspires you in some way :)


Screaming Meme said...

Wow!!! That is awesome!!!! Hi, Im Meme from Screaming Meme...I stumbled upon your blog and love it! Your cake is beautiful! I look forward to reading your blog and seeing more wonderful cakes you create! Stop in sometime for a visit! Meme

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

That is beautiful!! Good job on it :)

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Such a pretty cake!

Judy said...

That cake is beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

More Entertaining Women said...

Ooooh! What a gorgeous color combination! I'll bet that was one excited 19 year old. Come visit More Designing Women sometime. xoxoch

amy, hannah, and ellie said...

Thats amazing! i love it!

Thanks for visiting our blog!


Erin said...

Beautiful cake! It looks amazing and delicious!

Tasha said...

I just got done searching your whole blog and looking at all your amazingness (is that a word?). Anyway, thanks for becoming my newest follower, and now I am yours!!! You're awesome!

Life in Rehab said...

GORGEOUS cake! Savannah would love something like that!


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